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May 24 2017

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this is just how art museums are now

i’ll softblock god


As you get older you realize that ADHD really is a more serious problem than you ever thought and it makes you very unhappy because you still act like a child while everyone else is all mature and calm and has their life on track naturally and you’re stuck here having to take medication to feel slightly normal. Like why did I have to be mentally ill.

May 23 2017

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white dream

Xenoblade be like:


Normal RPG:

Hero: I’m going to avenge my crush’s death!

The crush’s brother: No, don’t do that, you could die!

Xenoblade Chronicles:

Shulk: I’m going to avenge Fiora’s death by killing all Mechons!
Dunban: My little baby, off to destroy people.

two types of shulk fans


person 1: I love Shulk for being an interesting and caring character in Xenoblade Chronicles, and how he would risk his life to protect people from being killed with the power of the Monado.

person 2: “i’m really feeling it”


yo I’m all about supporting girls wearing whatever the fuck they want and booty shorts are a-ok in my book but I also think it’s important to realize that this is also one of the only clothing options given to young girls when it comes to summer wear. if you’re shopping in clothing stores or sections targeted at teenage girls it’s nearly impossible to find anything in-between booty shorts and knee-length capris. like booty shorts are literally the only shorts marketed to us and I think that speaks a lot more about the hypersexualization of young girls by our society/the clothing industry than it does about the actual kids wearing them tbh

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chillin on a Saturday night

Calm down jojo

you’re right, I am looking a little stiff here, I should try to relax


You call that “chillin”?

Everyone knows the best way to relax is with a good book and a warm drink

I dunno, man,


 sometimes I like just relaxing on my laptop


get on my level boys

Unfortunately to “get on your level” I’d need a boat trip to the Mariana Trench and a pair of cinderblock shoes.

Thats gotta be the sickest burn ive ever read holy fuck






“Fidget toys make you less focused :)” that because you’re not adhd/autistic you fucking clod

list of things i have heard from people without adhd/autism who used my fidget toy:

- it doesn’t do anything

- its a waste of plastic

- how do you pay attention in class

- it makes so much noise (it doesn’t make any noise, they just saw i had it in my hand)

- at least my fidget spinner actually does stuff (my toy does 6 different things. also they got their fidget spinner taken the same day)

- its gay (creative)

things my friends with adhd/autism have said after using my fidget toy:

- oh my god

- its so…. Good

- i could actually pay attention to shit in class

- where can i buy this???

- wait there’s More stuff like this

- i love you. (not related to the toy per say but that felt nice)

This right here is an important post

As a teacher, the whole “fidget spinners being marketed as toys” is the most terrifying trend my students have introduced me to. I gave a fidget cube to one of my 6th grade students who’s been struggling all year with his adhd, who is so smart but is failing math because he can’t focus in it. He was hesitant at first, about a teacher giving him something “to help” rather than punishing him, but agreed with me that it couldn’t hurt to try. 

He hasn’t put it down. 

Everyday since he got it, I’ve seen him with it. He holds it in his pocket, and hasn’t climbed on a table or cussed at a teacher since. 


There are at least 20 other kids in our school who bring fidget spinners and play with them out on the table during lessons. They don’t pay attention in class, and they disrupt other students’ learning. These are not students with adhd or anxiety, these are students who are just playing because they’re kids and that’s what kids do. 

What scares me is I know other teachers have been confiscating them. They’re going to be banned, if it continues to be a problem. And my 6th grader, who’s had noticeable improvements since he started playing with his cube, is going to get in trouble for using something that helps him learn. 


May 22 2017

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bisexual sombra anyways

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Hey Noct…. 

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The idea comes from my lovely friend: http://syrennelo.tumblr.com

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I really loooove the Christoph Brothers!

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Fear gives rise to more fear.

A never-ending circle of hatred.

Perhaps that circle can be broken?

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the sheer amount of artistic talent put into these panels to portray the right feeling on clark’s face is amazing

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this one’s for all the fat girls who’ve cried in dressing rooms 💗

You’re fine. The clothes are made to be easy to manufacture on machines, not for bodies. The clothes suck, not you.

They’re also manufactured to look attractive on hangers, and very few of us are shaped like hangers. You’re fine.

😱😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭thank u please more of this type of body positivity I need it

Legit though! I’m a hobbyist seamstress and these are my experiences when shopping mainstream:

For example, most H&M blouses these days don’t even have boobdarts. Which means they will sit awkwardly on literally anyone with boobs, no matter the size. But on hangers or when folded on display? They look fab as fuck. Because hangers don’t have boobs. And the models chosen to show them on the catwalk are usually chosen for their lack of boobage too (unless it’s for lingerie), other requirements including ridiculous size and weight requirements. As for the average (EU available) clothing shops, the worst offender I’ve encountered yet was Zara. Everything’s way too long and way too flat: clearly aimed to look good on the catwalk models but not intended for normal people. At all.

Also sizes are just numbers. Shopping online has taught me that I’m a European M, an American XS-S, and a Japanese L-XL. And then these sizes even vary from shop to shop in the same country: I’m an XL at Apples but an S at Lola&Liza, for example. They’ve also been reducing the sizes of these numbers throughout the years to make people feel bad about themselves and to sell more weight-loss products. Don’t let a number get you down, it does not define you.

So please don’t feel bad about yourself when shops refuse to cater to your size. The clothes they sell are not aimed at real human beings. They are the ones in the wrong here, not you!

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That’s the last of my Metroid illustrations!
I ended up doing this one last, but it was originally the first one I designed.
The pink/purple fungal environment of brinstar always seemed interesting to me.

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